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Using Languages at Work in Canada, 2006 Census: Provinces and territories

The use of French is rising among Anglophone workers in Quebec

In 2006, Anglophones in Quebec used French more at work than in 2001, with 68% of them reporting that they used it (32% most often, alone or with another language, and 36% regularly), compared to 65% (31% most often, 35% regularly) five years earlier (see Table A2.2).

On the Island of Montréal, the use of French at work among Anglophones reached 65% in 2006 (24% most often and 41% regularly), compared to 64% in 2001. The predominant use of French nevertheless saw a decrease, as 28% of Anglophones reported the use of French most often at work in 2001. On the other hand, the regular use of this language increased during this period, going from 37% to 41%.

Outside Quebec, the use of French at work by Anglophones was very low (2%). However, in some cities with a large proportion of Francophones or cities located near the province of Quebec, the situation was somewhat different.

In the census subdivision (city) of Moncton, for instance, where Francophones represent just over one-third of the population, in 2006, 18% of Anglophone workers used French at work (3% most often, 15% regularly). Among Francophone workers, 90% reported that they used French at work (48% most often and 41% regularly). These proportions were virtually the same as in 2001.

In the Ottawa census division (CD), where 16% of the population is Francophone, the use of French at work by Anglophones reached 18% in 2006 (2% most often and 16% regularly), compared to 17% in 2001.

For all workers who reported the Ottawa CD as their place of residence in 2006, 29% reported using French at work (9% most often, 20% regularly), compared to 35% for workers who reported it as their place of work (12% most often, 23% regularly). This difference is essentially attributable to the fact that Ottawa is the place of work of 35,000 Francophone workers whose place of residence is Gatineau, Quebec. In addition, 86% of Francophones residing in the Ottawa CD used French at work (38% most often, 48% regularly), an increase over 2001 (84%).

In Gatineau, more than 56% of Anglophone workers reported that they used French at work (20% most often, 36% regularly), compared to 54% in 2001 (20% most often, 34% regularly). The use of French at work is very widespread among Francophones, and has remained quite stable, with 96% reporting that they used this language at work (77% most often, 19% regularly), compared to 95% five years before (76% most often, close to 20% regularly).

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