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2006 Aboriginal Population Profile

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Manitoba -

Census divisions (CDs)
Division No. 1 (CD)
Division No. 2 (CD)
Division No. 3 (CD)
Division No. 4 (CD)
Division No. 5 (CD)
Division No. 6 (CD)
Division No. 7 (CD)
Division No. 8 (CD)
Division No. 9 (CD)
Division No. 10 (CD)
Division No. 11 (CD)
Division No. 12 (CD)
Division No. 13 (CD)
Division No. 14 (CD)
Division No. 15 (CD)
Division No. 16 (CD)
Division No. 17 (CD)
Division No. 18 (CD)
Division No. 19 (CD)
Division No. 20 (CD)
Division No. 21 (CD)
Division No. 22 (CD)
Division No. 23 (CD)

Census metropolitan areas (CMAs) / Census agglomerations (CAs)
Brandon (CA)
Portage la Prairie (CA)
Thompson (CA)
Winnipeg (CMA)

Health regions (HRs)
Assiniboine Regional Health Authority (HR)
Brandon Regional Health Authority (HR)
Burntwood Regional Health Authority (HR)
Central Regional Health Authority (HR)
Churchill Regional Health Authority (HR)
Interlake Regional Health Authority (HR)
Norman Regional Health Authority (HR)
North Eastman Regional Health Authority (HR)
Parkland Regional Health Authority (HR)
South Eastman Regional Health Authority (HR)
Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (HR)

Indian Bands / Inuit Regions
Barren Lands (Indian band area)
Berens River (Indian band area)
Birdtail Sioux (Indian band area)
Bloodvein (Indian band area)
Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (Indian band area)
Buffalo Point First Nation (Indian band area)
Bunibonibee Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation (Indian band area)
Chemawawin Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Cross Lake First Nation (Indian band area)
Dakota Plains (Indian band area)
Dakota Tipi (Indian band area)
Dauphin River (Indian band area)
Ebb and Flow (Indian band area)
Fisher River (Indian band area)
Fort Alexander (Indian band area)
Fox Lake (Indian band area)
Garden Hill First Nations (Indian band area)
God's Lake First Nation (Indian band area)
Grand Rapids First Nation (Indian band area)
Hollow Water (Indian band area)
Keeseekoowenin (Indian band area)
Kinonjeoshtegon First Nation (Indian band area)
Lake Manitoba (Indian band area)
Lake St. Martin (Indian band area)
Little Black River (Indian band area)
Little Grand Rapids (Indian band area)
Little Saskatchewan (Indian band area)
Long Plain (Indian band area)
Manto Sipi Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Mathias Colomb (Indian band area)
Mosakahiken Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Northlands (Indian band area)
Norway House Cree Nation (Indian band area)
O-Chi-Chak-Ko-Sipi First Nation (Indian band area)
O-Pipon-Na-Piwin Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation (Indian band area)
Pauingassi First Nation (Indian band area)
Peguis (Indian band area)
Pinaymootang First Nation (Indian band area)
Pinaymootang First Nation (Indian band area)
Poplar River First Nation (Indian band area)
Red Sucker Lake (Indian band area)
Roseau River Anishinabe First Nation Government (Indian band area)
Sandy Bay (Indian band area)
Sayisi Dene First Nation (Indian band area)
Shamattawa First Nation (Indian band area)
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation (Indian band area)
Skownan First Nation (Indian band area)
St. Theresa Point (Indian band area)
Swan Lake (Indian band area)
Tataskweyak Cree Nation (Indian band area)
War Lake First Nation (Indian band area)
Wasagamack First Nation (Indian band area)
York Factory First Nation (Indian band area)

Census subdivisions (CSDs)
Albert, Rural municipality (CSD)
Alexander, Rural municipality (CSD)
Alonsa, Rural municipality (CSD)
Altona, Town (CSD)
Arborg, Town (CSD)
Archie, Rural municipality (CSD)
Argyle, Rural municipality (CSD)
Armstrong, Rural municipality (CSD)
Arthur, Rural municipality (CSD)
Beausejour, Town (CSD)
Benito, Village (CSD)
Berens River 13, Indian reserve (CSD)
Bifrost, Rural municipality (CSD)
Binscarth, Village (CSD)
Birdtail Creek 57, Indian reserve (CSD)
Birtle, Rural municipality (CSD)
Birtle, Town (CSD)
Black River 9, Indian reserve (CSD)
Blanshard, Rural municipality (CSD)
Bloodvein 12, Indian reserve (CSD)
Boissevain, Town (CSD)
Bowsman, Village (CSD)
Brandon, City (CSD)
Brenda, Rural municipality (CSD)
Brochet 197, Indian reserve (CSD)
Brokenhead, Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Brokenhead, Rural municipality (CSD)
Brokenhead 4, Indian reserve (CSD)
Buffalo Point 36, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cameron, Rural municipality (CSD)
Canupawakpa Dakota First Nation (Oak Lake 59), Indian reserve (CSD)
Carberry, Town (CSD)
Carman, Town (CSD)
Cartier, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cartwright, Village (CSD)
Chemawawin 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Chemawawin 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Churchill, Town (CSD)
Churchill 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Clanwilliam, Rural municipality (CSD)
Coldwell, Rural municipality (CSD)
Cornwallis, Rural municipality (CSD)
Crane River 51, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cross Lake 19, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cross Lake 19A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cross Lake 19B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cross Lake 19C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Cross Lake 19E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Crystal City, Village (CSD)
Dakota Plains 6A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dakota Tipi 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Daly, Rural municipality (CSD)
Dauphin, City (CSD)
Dauphin, Rural municipality (CSD)
Dauphin River 48A, Indian reserve (CSD)
De Salaberry, Rural municipality (CSD)
Deloraine, Town (CSD)
Division No. 1, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 17, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 18, Unorganized, East Part, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 18, Unorganized, West Part, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 19, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 20, Unorganized, North Part, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 20, Unorganized, South Part, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 21, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 22, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Division No. 23, Unorganized, Unorganized (CSD)
Dog Creek 46, Indian reserve (CSD)
Dufferin, Rural municipality (CSD)
Dunnottar, Village (CSD)
East St. Paul, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ebb and Flow 52, Indian reserve (CSD)
Edward, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elkhorn, Village (CSD)
Ellice, Rural municipality (CSD)
Elton, Rural municipality (CSD)
Emerson, Town (CSD)
Erickson, Town (CSD)
Eriksdale, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ethelbert, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ethelbert, Village (CSD)
Fairford (Part) 50, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fairford (Part) 50, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fisher, Rural municipality (CSD)
Fisher River 44, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fisher River 44A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Flin Flon (Part), City (CSD)
Fort Alexander 3, Indian reserve (CSD)
Fox Lake 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Franklin, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gambler 63 (Part), Indian reserve (CSD)
Gambler 63 (Part), Indian reserve (CSD)
Garden Hill First Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
Garson, Village (CSD) [Dissolved]
Gilbert Plains, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gilbert Plains, Town (CSD)
Gillam, Indian settlement (CSD)
Gillam, Town (CSD)
Gimli, Rural municipality (CSD)
Gimli, Town (CSD) [Dissolved]
Gladstone, Town (CSD)
Glenboro, Village (CSD)
Glenella, Rural municipality (CSD)
Glenwood, Rural municipality (CSD)
God's Lake 23, Indian reserve (CSD)
God's River 86A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Grahamdale, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grand Rapids, Town (CSD)
Grand Rapids 33, Indian reserve (CSD)
Grandview, Rural municipality (CSD)
Grandview, Town (CSD)
Granville Lake, Indian settlement (CSD)
Gretna, Town (CSD)
Grey, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hamiota, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hamiota, Town (CSD)
Hanover, Rural municipality (CSD)
Harrison, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hartney, Town (CSD)
Headingley, Rural municipality (CSD)
Highrock 199, Indian reserve (CSD)
Hillsburg, Rural municipality (CSD)
Hole or Hollow Water 10, Indian reserve (CSD)
Ilford, Indian settlement (CSD)
Jackhead 43, Indian reserve (CSD)
Keeseekoowenin 61, Indian reserve (CSD)
Kelsey, Rural municipality (CSD)
Kelsey (Carrot Valley), Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Kelsey (Cranberry Portage), Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Kelsey (Wanless), Rural municipality (CSD) [Dissolved]
Killarney, Town (CSD)
La Broquerie, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lac Brochet 197A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lac du Bonnet, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lac du Bonnet, Town (CSD)
Lakeview, Rural municipality (CSD)
Langford, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lansdowne, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lawrence, Rural municipality (CSD)
Leaf Rapids, Town (CSD)
Little Grand Rapids 14, Indian reserve (CSD)
Little Saskatchewan 48, Indian reserve (CSD)
Long Plain (Part) 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Long Plain (Part) 6, Indian reserve (CSD)
Lorne, Rural municipality (CSD)
Louise, Rural municipality (CSD)
Lynn Lake, Town (CSD)
MacGregor, Village (CSD)
Macdonald, Rural municipality (CSD)
Manitou, Town (CSD)
McCreary, Rural municipality (CSD)
McCreary, Village (CSD)
Melita, Town (CSD)
Miniota, Rural municipality (CSD)
Minitonas, Rural municipality (CSD)
Minitonas, Town (CSD)
Minnedosa, Town (CSD)
Minto, Rural municipality (CSD)
Montcalm, Rural municipality (CSD)
Moose Lake 31A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Morden, Town (CSD)
Morris, Rural municipality (CSD)
Morris, Town (CSD)
Morton, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mossey River, Rural municipality (CSD)
Mountain (North), Rural municipality (CSD)
Mountain (South), Rural municipality (CSD)
Mystery Lake, Local government district (CSD)
Neepawa, Town (CSD)
Nelson House 170, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nelson House 170A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nelson House 170B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Nelson House 170C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Niverville, Town (CSD)
North Cypress, Rural municipality (CSD)
North Norfolk, Rural municipality (CSD)
Norway House 17, Indian reserve (CSD)
Notre Dame de Lourdes, Village (CSD)
Oak Lake, Town (CSD)
Oakland, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ochre River, Rural municipality (CSD)
Odanah, Rural municipality (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 21A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 21B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 21C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 21E, Indian reserve (CSD)
Opaskwayak Cree Nation 21I, Indian reserve (CSD)
Oxford House 24, Indian reserve (CSD)
Park (North), Rural municipality (CSD)
Park (South), Rural municipality (CSD)
Pauingassi First Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
Peguis 1B, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pembina, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pilot Mound, Town (CSD)
Pinawa, Local government district (CSD)
Pine Creek 66A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Pine Falls, Unorganized / Non organisé (CSD) [Dissolved]
Piney, Rural municipality (CSD)
Pipestone, Rural municipality (CSD)
Plum Coulee, Town (CSD)
Poplar River 16, Indian reserve (CSD)
Portage la Prairie, City (CSD)
Portage la Prairie, Rural municipality (CSD)
Powerview-Pine Falls, Town (CSD)
Pukatawagan 198, Indian reserve (CSD)
Rapid City, Town (CSD)
Red Sucker Lake 1976, Indian reserve (CSD)
Reed River 36A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Reynolds, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rhineland, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ritchot, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rivers, Town (CSD)
Riverside, Rural municipality (CSD)
Riverton, Village (CSD)
Roblin, Rural municipality (CSD)
Roblin, Town (CSD)
Rockwood, Rural municipality (CSD)
Roland, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rolling River 67, Indian reserve (CSD)
Roseau Rapids 2A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Roseau River 2, Indian reserve (CSD)
Rosedale, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rossburn, Rural municipality (CSD)
Rossburn, Town (CSD)
Rosser, Rural municipality (CSD)
Russell, Rural municipality (CSD)
Russell, Town (CSD)
Sandy Bay 5, Indian reserve (CSD)
Saskatchewan, Rural municipality (CSD)
Selkirk, City (CSD)
Shamattawa 1, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shell River, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shellmouth-Boulton, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shoal Lake, Rural municipality (CSD)
Shoal Lake, Town (CSD)
Shoal Lake (Part) 39A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shoal Lake (Part) 40, Indian reserve (CSD)
Shoal River Indian Reserve 65A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Sifton, Rural municipality (CSD)
Siglunes, Rural municipality (CSD)
Silver Creek, Rural municipality (CSD)
Sioux Valley Dakota Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
Snow Lake, Town (CSD)
Somerset, Village (CSD)
Souris, Town (CSD)
South Cypress, Rural municipality (CSD)
South Indian Lake, Indian settlement (CSD)
South Norfolk, Rural municipality (CSD)
Split Lake (Part) 171, Indian reserve (CSD)
Split Lake (Part) 171, Indian reserve (CSD)
Springfield, Rural municipality (CSD)
St-Lazare, Village (CSD)
St-Pierre-Jolys, Village (CSD)
St. Andrews, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Claude, Village (CSD)
St. Clements, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. François Xavier, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Laurent, Rural municipality (CSD)
St. Theresa Point, Indian reserve (CSD)
Stanley, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ste. Anne, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ste. Anne, Town (CSD)
Ste. Rose, Rural municipality (CSD)
Ste. Rose du Lac, Town (CSD)
Steinbach, City (CSD)
Stonewall, Town (CSD)
Strathclair, Rural municipality (CSD)
Strathcona, Rural municipality (CSD)
Stuartburn, Rural municipality (CSD)
Swan Lake 7, Indian reserve (CSD)
Swan Lake 65C, Indian reserve (CSD)
Swan River, Rural municipality (CSD)
Swan River, Town (CSD)
Taché, Rural municipality (CSD)
Teulon, Town (CSD)
The Narrows 49, Indian reserve (CSD)
The Pas, Town (CSD)
Thompson, City (CSD)
Thompson, Rural municipality (CSD)
Treherne, Town (CSD)
Turtle Mountain, Rural municipality (CSD)
Valley River 63A, Indian reserve (CSD)
Victoria, Rural municipality (CSD)
Victoria Beach, Rural municipality (CSD)
Virden, Town (CSD)
Wallace, Rural municipality (CSD)
Wasagamack, Indian reserve (CSD)
Waskada, Village (CSD)
Waterhen 45, Indian reserve (CSD)
Wawanesa, Village (CSD)
Waywayseecappo First Nation, Indian reserve (CSD)
West St. Paul, Rural municipality (CSD)
Westbourne, Rural municipality (CSD)
Whitehead, Rural municipality (CSD)
Whitemouth, Rural municipality (CSD)
Whitewater, Rural municipality (CSD)
Winchester, Rural municipality (CSD)
Winkler, City (CSD)
Winnipeg, City (CSD)
Winnipeg Beach, Town (CSD)
Winnipegosis, Village (CSD)
Woodlands, Rural municipality (CSD)
Woodworth, Rural municipality (CSD)
York Landing, Indian reserve (CSD)

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