Analytical products

The 2011 Census Program analytical documents provide a national overview of key findings from the 2011 Census Program topics. Where applicable, this analysis is complemented with short articles on specific topics of interest in the Census in Brief and NHS in Brief series.

Structural type of dwelling and collectives

Additional information

Additional information on specific geographies can be found in the Highlight tables, Catalogue no. 98‑312-X2011002, Topic-based tabulations, Catalogue no. 98‑313-X2011024, no. 98‑313-X2011025, no. 98‑313-X2011027, no. 98‑313-X2011028 and no. 98‑313-X2011029 as well as in the new census product Focus on Geography Series, Catalogue no. 98-310-X2011004.

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