2008 Census Test: Content Analysis Report


The 2008 Census Test: Content Analysis Report provides the testing results of the proposed questions for the 2011 Census, that is, the 2A short-form and 2B long-form questionnaires.

The proposed content for the 2011 Census was informed by the results of ongoing consultation with data users and stakeholders, thorough qualitative and quantitative (statistical) testing, and evaluation of previous census results and other data sources.

In accordance with the Statistics Act, the questions for the Census of Population were prescribed by the Governor in Council through an Order in Council.  The Order and the schedule of questions were first published in the Canada Gazette on June 26, 2010.  An updated schedule of questions for the 2011 Census of Population was published in the Canada Gazette, Part I on August 21, 2010.

The 2011 Census will consist of the same eight questions that appeared on the 2006 Census short-form questionnaire, with the addition of two questions on language.  It will be conducted in May 2011.

The census 2A questionnaire underwent additional qualitative testing in Ottawa to obtain feedback on the new format and the additional language questions.

The information previously collected by the long-form census questionnaire will be collected as part of the new voluntary National Household Survey (NHS).  The differences are primarily the result of a decision by Statistics Canada to mail the survey questionnaires four weeks after the census 2A questionnaires are mailed.

Respondents who complete the census questionnaire on the Internet will be asked to continue with the online version of the National Household Survey, if their dwelling was selected for the survey.  This decision was made in an effort to reduce respondent burden and improve the quality of the NHS.

The content changes introduced in the National Household Survey questionnaires were reviewed by the Questionnaire Design Resource Centre, as required by Statistics Canada's Policy on the Review and Testing of Questionnaires.  A summary of the content changes are discussed in Chapter 4.2.

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