2011 Census: Data Quality and Confidentiality Standards and Guidelines (Public)
Best practices

Data quality and confidentiality table symbols

New for 2011, census standard and custom products will contain three Statistics Canada standard table symbols. The table below shows each new symbol being adopted for 2011 and its description, as well as the symbol that was used in 2006 Census products (HTML and B20/20 format).

New standard symbols being adopted for 2011
New symbol Description Symbol used in 2006 census products (HTML) Symbol used in 2006 census products (B20/20)
.. not available for a specific reference period N - (dash)
... not applicable N - (dash)
x suppressed to meet the confidentiality requirements of the Statistics Act 0 (zero) 0 (zero)

It is important to note that these symbols are being adopted for 2011 Census products only. All historical products (2006 Census and earlier) will not contain any of these new symbols nor will any historical data in 2011 Census products.

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