Guide to the Census of Population, 2016
Appendix 1.7 – Percentage change for population and dwelling counts at various levels of geography

The percentage change for the population and dwelling counts is based on a 2011 count that may have been revised since the publication of the 2011 population and dwelling counts. If the 2011 count has been revised, it will be indicated by an 'r' beside the count. The 2011 population and dwelling counts may be revised due to the reasons identified below.

(1) The boundary of the geographic area has changed since the 2011 Census

When a boundary of a geographic area changed, Statistics Canada identified the impact of the change on the population and dwellings enumerated during the 2011 Census, and adjusted these counts to reflect the 2016 boundaries of the geographic areas. Most of the revisions to 2011 population and dwelling counts are due to this type of adjustment.

(2) A formal review of the 2011 population and dwelling counts identified an error

When Statistics Canada releases population and dwelling counts from the census, data users sometimes question the validity of the counts for a specific geographic area such as a municipality (census subdivision) or sub-municipal area (designated place). When requested by local authorities, Statistics Canada undertakes a formal review of the population and dwelling counts.

In 2011, 158 census subdivisions (CSDs) and 40 designated places (DPLs) underwent a formal population and dwelling count review and their counts were revised. For the 2016 Census products showing 2011 counts, these revised 2011 counts are presented in tables for CSDs and DPLs and used to calculate percent change between 2011 and 2016 at that level of geography.

The revised counts are presented in tables only for CSDs and DPLs. The 2011 counts for other levels of geography (e.g., province, territory, census division) are not revised. As a result, aggregating 2011 CSD counts to higher-level geographic areas (e.g., census divisions, provinces, territories, and Canada) may not sum to the counts presented on the higher-level geographic areas. As well, the percent change for all levels of geography, other than CSDs and DPLs, do not account for these revisions.

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