Products and services, Census of Population, 2016
Analytical products

The Daily articles

These articles, available at 8:30 a.m. (Eastern time) on each of the major 2016 Census of Population release days, present the key findings for the Census of Population release topic and make reference to the different analytical, data and reference products available that day. They can be accessed through the Statistics Canada website. A PDF version is also available.

Census in Brief

These short articles provide analysis on specific topics of interest. They typically include some tables and charts and are available on each of the 2016 Census major days of release in HTML and PDF formats. Additional analysis will be available subsequently through articles in the Statistics Canada publication Insights on Canadian Society.

Thematic maps

These maps, available for selected release topics on release day, show the spatial distribution of one or more specific data themes for standard geographic areas in support of the analysis. The maps may be qualitative in nature (e.g., predominant educational attainment) or quantitative (e.g., percentage population change).


New for the 2016 Census, the infographics are a graphical representation of the release highlights in PDF format. They provide a visual aid to make complex information and ideas easy to interpret by combining data and analysis in an image.

Age pyramids

Two age pyramids are available with the Age and sex release: historical age pyramid and comparison age pyramid. The historical age pyramid presents the age structure of Canada, provinces and territories over time. The comparison age pyramid allows the user to compare the age structure of two different levels of geography, including Canada, provinces, territories, census metropolitan areas and census agglomerations.


Our video series complements some of the releases by presenting data in an easy-to-interpret way and tells a story visually. A historical component is included in most of the videos.

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