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Fewer young people about to enter the labour force than those about to leave it

In 2011, census data showed for the first time that there were more people in the age group where people typically leave the labour force (55 to 64), than in the age group where people typically enter it (15 to 24).

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One in 10 children live in stepfamilies

In total, 557,950 children aged 14 and under lived in stepfamilies in 2011, or 10.0% of children in private households. Among these children, most were stepchildrenNote 16 themselves (63.1%). The remainder were children of both parents in a couple but also lived with stepsiblings.

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Proportion of seniors living in special care facilities increases with age

As people age, they are more likely to live in collective dwellings that provide ongoing support and assistance services, professional health monitoring, care and treatment.

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National Household Survey (NHS)

Featured place

Drummond/North Elmsley, Ontario

2011 Census Profile (selected characteristics) - Drummond/North Elmsley, Ontario
Place type Township
Population in 2011 7,487
Population in 2006 7,118
Percent change, 2006 to 2011 +5.2
Median age 46.9
Percent aged 15 and over 84.0
Population density (sq. km) 20.5
Land area (sq. km) 366.03
Number of private households 2,890
Avg. number of persons in private households 2.6

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Video: Families, households and marital status data, 2011 Census

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