2011 National Household Survey: Data tables

Tabulation: Housing Tenure (4), Household Size (8), Condominium Status (3), Structural Type of Dwelling (10), Period of Construction (11), Condition of Dwelling (4) and Number of Bedrooms (5) for Private Households of Canada, Provinces, Territories, Census Metropolitan Areas and Census Agglomerations, 2011 National Household Survey

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This table details housing tenure , household size , condominium status , structural type of dwelling , period of construction , condition of dwelling and number of bedrooms for private households in New Brunswick / Nouveau-Brunswick
Global non-response rate (GNR)Footnote 1 = 28.6 %
Structural type of dwelling (10) Housing tenure (4)
Total - Housing tenure Owner Renter Band housing
Total - Structural type of dwelling 314,035 237,570 74,665 1,795
Single-detached house 220,240 203,635 14,915 1,695
Apartment, building that has five or more storeys 3,580 235 3,345 0
Movable dwellingFootnote 2 14,100 12,555 1,520 25
Other dwellingFootnote 3 76,110 21,145 54,885 75
Semi-detached house 10,935 6,405 4,515 15
Row house 8,300 3,330 4,955 15
Apartment, duplex 13,660 6,775 6,875 10
Apartment, building that has fewer than five storeys 42,025 3,920 38,065 40
Other single-attached house 1,200 715 480 0


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Footnote 1

For the 2011 National Household Survey (NHS) estimates, the global non-response rate (GNR) is used as an indicator of data quality. This indicator combines complete non-response (household) and partial non-response (question) into a single rate. The value of the GNR is presented to users. A smaller GNR indicates a lower risk of non-response bias and as a result, lower risk of inaccuracy. The threshold used for estimates' suppression is a GNR of 50% or more. For more information, please refer to the National Household Survey User Guide, 2011.

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Footnote 2

Includes mobile homes and other movable dwellings such as houseboats and railroad cars.

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Footnote 3

The category 'Other dwelling' is a subtotal of the following categories: semi-detached house, row house, apartment or flat in a duplex, apartment in a building that has fewer than five storeys and other single-attached house.

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Source: Statistics Canada, 2011 National Household Survey, Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 99-014-X2011026.

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